Add-On Services for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Add ONs

Embracing digital transformation is essential to tackle contemporary business obstacles effectively. TeCounter offers solutions in a series of add-ons to expand your operational capabilities and increase efficiency. Our solutions are crafted with the goal of delivering an outstanding user experience while also boosting staff efficiency and productivity. These supplementary enhancements will promptly deliver tangible outcomes by elevating your sales and bolstering profitability.

Delivery App kiosk ordering software

Designed to give a great buying experience for your customers and are integrated with payment gateways, RF IDs and printers. You can also promote your special preparations, highlight offers and make real-time menu changes.


A Kitchen Display System can be a great asset for a restaurant kitchen. It increases efficiency by reducing the communication gap between restaurant staff. KDS ensures order accuracy even during the busiest hours.

tecounter Kitchen Display System
tecounter Digital Menu
Digital Menu

Provide a hygienic atmosphere for your customers by replacing traditional menu booklets with visually appealing digital menus. Customers can place an order by scrolling through menu items in the comfort of using their own phones, thus reducing staff dependency and miscommunication.

Directors Cut App

Owners need to take a lot of decisions on a daily basis, but informed decisions make a real difference. TeCounter delivers your business information at your fingertips with a customizable dashboard of multiple outlet data synchronized, curated and delivered to your mobile device through the Directors Cut App.

tecounter Directors Cut App
tecounter tablet-ordering
Tablet Ordering

Enhance customer experience with faster service by enabling the waiter to take orders and generate KOT on the go. TeCounter Tablet is a powerful hand-held mobile POS that can also generate bills, receive payments and take feedback from customers. This increases staff productivity by reducing service time and increasing table turnover rates.

Discover how easy it is to accelerate your digital transformation with TeCounter.