Enhance Efficiency with Complete Hotel Inventory Management

Inventory Management: CLIP

TeCounter's CLIP provides a comprehensive Inventory Management solution encompassing Costing, Logistics, Inventory, and Production. This holistic approach effectively minimizes wastage, monitors product distribution, optimizes raw material procurement and consumption. CLIP offers extensive operational data insights spanning outlets, franchises, central kitchens, and warehouses, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

tecounter Boost Revenue
Boost Revenue

TeCounter TOPS helps you to increase your profitability by saving on huge commission cuts you share with third-party online integrators like Swiggy and Zomato by having a self branded app for online orders

Promotes Expansion

TeCounter CLIP pre-defines replicable processes that promote mass production and hassle-free distribution. Onboarding warehouses, production centers, outlets or franchises are simplified by digitization and a well-defined processes.

tecounter Promotes Expansion
tecounter reduce cost
Reduce Cost

TeCounter CLIP ensures the right purchase by contract purchasing and production-linked purchasing. Predefined raw materials for recipe-based production ensure optimized usage of stock by reducing waste. TeCounter also alerts you by tracking raw materials in store by maintaining min-max parameters and avoids over stocking.

Clear Visibility

TeCounter provides transparent and accurate data visualization of the entire business operation centrally with customizable dashboard. Production efficiency can be closely monitored at scale and ensure profitability.

tecounter clear-visibility
tecounter ease-of-use
Ease of Use

TeCounter has intuitive user interface, customizable process and user-defined templates to avoid the repetitive task. Hence on-boarding user is simple and implementation is faster.



Issue based
Recipe based


Order inflow
Distribution tracing
In-transit inwards


Purchase order
Contact buying
Min-Max Tracking
distributed store
Store categorization


Order consolidation
Kichenwise RM distribution
consolidated issuing
Recording production
FG &SFG tracing
Yield measurement

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