Advanced POS Features: Optimize Sales Easily

POS: Point Of Sale

TeCounter POS, equipped with an extensive array of 100 features, has been meticulously crafted to efficiently oversee a network of restaurants from a centralized head office. The user-friendly functionalities grease the optimization of frontal- of- house conditioning, similar as order processing, table association, a variety of payment options, inventory monitoring, and report generation. Also, it offers the capability to oversee fidelity enterprise, gift card programs, and client data operation.

Additional automation is enabled by Integration with online food aggregators, CRM, accounting software and WhatsApp. Know more...
Enhance customer experience by add-ons like tablet ordering for waiters, self-ordering kiosks and digital menu. Know more...


Control theft
  • Alerts and notifications on Void, Reprint
  • Cashier wise reconciliation
  • Inventory consumption wrt sales
  • Cash drawer open/close control
Improved customer experience
  • Multi-point billing options
  • Course-wise/Combo-wise order delivery
  • Record guest feedback to improve
  • Treat your loyal guests based on the purchase history
  • Multiple payments and bill splitting options
  • Share bills digitally by WhatsApp or Message
Productive and responsible staff
  • Track sales Waiter/captain/cashier wise
  • Petty cash management
  • Cashier-wise sales reconciliation
Productive and responsible staff
Boost sales
Boost sales
  • Set targets for staff and track
  • Promote the customer database
  • Use a loyalty program to repeat footfall
  • Treat your special guests using sales history
  • Shorter lead times
Business insights
  • Track top-selling items by volume and sales
  • Track High margin low margin items
  • Track Sales by categories/Locations
  • Track wastage, Variance
Quality assurance
  • Sell only authorized menu
  • Ensure right portioning
Cost Control
  • Increased inventory turnover
  • Avoid spoilage due to overstocking
  • Efficient reordering
  • Minimize theft and losses
  • Food costing based on issue and recipe
Expansion simplified
  • Centralized production management
  • Tracked distribution
  • Multi-level approvals for process compliance
  • Centralized visibility for geographically distributed business


Feature-rich Point of Sale
Feature-rich Point of Sale
Aggregator Integration
Aggregator Integration
Control Theft
Control Theft
Business Analytics
Business Analytics
Loyalty Management
Loyalty Management

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